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Episode 55 – Jody Scheckter & Laverstoke Park Farm

Jody Scheckter is truly a fountain of knowledge. From winning Formula One in 1979, to creating simulations for the police in USA, to getting degrees in micro biology and chemistry to find out about the soil and moving back to Hampshire to purchase herds of buffalo and create award winning cheese and ice cream… It’s safe to say life for Jody has been go go go. Now, he is taking some time to rest and teach us about all the amazing details he’s obsessed over to create a sustainable and inspiring business model at Laverstoke Park Farm.

Episode 54 – Andrea Rasca & Mercato Metropolitano

Andrea Rasca, a lot like Mark Cribb himself, has a real love for the ‘little guy’ when it comes to hospitality. Andrea has full control of what goes on down at Elephant & Castle where we find ourselves in this weeks podcast… He ensures that his vendors only use sustainable sources when under his roof, and offers them the opportunity to help him change peoples lives. He doesn’t believe in advertising his business Mercato Metropolitano, he believes word of mouth and true, human connections will do the trick… Turns out, he was right.

Episode 53 – Andrew Parry Norton & The New Forest Marque

Andrew has what he describes as a ‘bit of a love affair’ for his cows. An incredibly proud-to-be commoner living in one of the most beautiful spots in the UK – The New Forest. This week he teaches us not only a bit of geography on how the New Forest came, but how the animals contribute to keeping it healthy, suitable for the public to go and visit as well as a bit of history surrounding William the Conqueror and rights surround the commoner culture…

Episode 52 – Cemal Ezel & Change Please

This weeks bonus episode features an inspiring chat with Cemal Ezel, founder of Change Please. When Cemal realised that he didn’t want to be sitting in his rocking chair at 90 years old realising he could have done so much more for the world – that is when he delved into the world of social business that he now believes is going to dominate the future.

Episode 49 – Rob Wilson & Toast Ale – Show Notes

When it comes to Rob Wilson, he’s got nothing to hide. In this weeks episode, Rob chats to us not only about his journey and successful brewing business that uses bread that would otherwise go to waste… Did you know that 44% of the bread we eat goes to waste? But he also tells us, in detail, about the rocky road it took to get there. A man with a mission, and the kindest of hearts, to have brewed a billion pieces of surplus bread by 2035.