Episode 52 Cemal Ezel – Founder Change Please

Is it possible to change the world, simply by changing where you buy your coffee?

This was just one of many questions discussed at Alex Chisnall’s Entrepreneurs’ Summit in Bournemouth. It brought together a group of inspirational speakers, including Cemal Ezel, founder of the award-winning social enterprise, Change Please.

If you’ve not yet come across Change Please coffee, you soon will. It’s stocked in Sainsbury’s nationwide and it is Virgin Trains’ beverage of choice. If you live in London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester or Edinburgh, you might have spotted its distinctive grey carts with a bright yellow circle on the side.

What you might not know is that all the baristas at Change Please have experienced periods of homelessness – but with the right training and support, they’re able to make sleeping rough a thing of the past.

Perhaps the most inspirational aspect to Cemal’s work, is his conviction that businesses with a genuine social conscience will be leading the way, commercially and morally, over the next few years. It’s a point he makes powerfully, first in his presentation, and then in the conversation I had with him afterwards, on stage.

Episode 7
Jimmy Cregan – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Find out why looking at a builder’s backside was the catalyst that led to Jimmy’s version of iced coffee, now stocked in pretty much every UK supermarket… and with its sights set much further afield, including Ireland, Sweden and Dubai.  

Hear the crazy things Jimmy does to spread the word about his drink, including talking to audiences of 300, dressed as a carton… and orchestrating what’s known as a ‘massive activation’ at a mainline railway station. (Sounds like a security alert, but actually it’s a neat way to promote your products). 

Find out how he felt about stepping away from the role of MD, and handing it over to someone who hadn’t seen his company grow up…

Find out more https://www.jimmysicedcoffee.com

Episode 3
Joel Lovett – Bad Hand Coffee

In this episode we chat to Joel Lovett from Bad Hand coffee roasters in Bournemouth, Dorset. Hear how Joel spent three solid months ripping out skip-load after skip-load of junk, to convert an abandoned stable/brothel/crack den into his perfect coffee home.

He also touches on plant-powered diets, the benefits of delivering everything by bike and the real difference between a coffee that costs £2.40 and one that’s £3.00. And there’s a morality tale on what happens when you pick the wrong word for your business name. Let’s just say ‘roast’ can be confusing… https://www.badhandcoffee.com