Episode 65 Ben Jackson
Fluffetts Farm (eggs)

This week’s guest has a brilliant way of describing his striking career change in 2008, when he went from ‘birdless flight to flightless birds’.  I’ll explain! 

For more than a decade, Ben Jackson had been the MD of the London Beach Store – a business he loved, because it focussed on his fascination for kite surfing, which had begun when he was 3 years old.  

Then, just over a decade ago, he got involved in running his family’s farm and has never looked back. Fluffetts specialises in what it calls ‘genuinely free range eggs’ and Ben has built up encyclopaedic knowledge about every aspect of hen behaviour and egg laying. 

For instance, the ‘pecking order’ really does exist and most flocks have a hard-core escape committee: birds who work out how to fly over any barrier and into the woods, never to return.   

And if you’ve ever wondered why egg yolks vary in colour from pale yellow to orange or why the shells of larger eggs tend to be more brittle than those of smaller ones, Ben has the answers.  Some of them will make your mind boggle.  

I’ve wanted to dive deep into eggs for a long time.  We consume millions of them a day across the country.  But with battery farming, organic and free range, I think there is a great deal of confusion around such an everyday product. So it’s time to get myth busting and get some actual facts.  Enjoy the conversation.  

International Forest Day – 21st March

It’s international forest day – and now that the Humans of Hospitality podcast is almost at it’s 65th episode, we’ve been taught a lot about forests from some of our passionate guests that spend a lot, if not all, their time amongst the trees.

Show Notes: Episode 64 Vince Noyce, Dich Oatley & Portsmouth Distillery

Vince, Giles and Dich are the distillery dream team. Each one of them is oh-so passionate about the delicious rum they are creating down at Fort Cumberland on Portsea Island… But each one of them also is expert in a different area. Vince is the crazy creative who’s travelled the world tasting spirits in his time working for the Royal Navy where he met Giles. Giles is the business, realistic brain of the two. Dich is a master of sales, having worked for the General Wine Company before giving up his stable job to join a startup that centred around one of his great loves: rum. So, why is their rum different to the liked of supermarket own rum? We are about to find out.

Episode 64 Vince Noyce and
Dich Oatley – British Rum

Craft beers and gins have come into their own in the last few years – alongside artisanal bakeries and independent coffee roasters.  So what’s going to be the next big thing amongst small, specialist food and drink businesses? 

If you listened to my podcast with Keterina Albanese at the Pub Show, it could be cider, English whisky or rum.  If it’s rum, then Giles Collighan, Vince Noyce and Dich Oatley will be leading the way. 

I caught up with Vince and Dich at the Portsmouth Distillery, where I discovered that the word ‘rum’ is really an umbrella term for a drink that comes in different guises, from the floral French ‘agricole’ which uses sugar cane juice to the molasses-based rum associated with the British Navy. 

Regular listeners will know that I love meeting people who do things properly.  Who really research and understand their craft and don’t take shortcuts.  This edition is yet another tale of dedication and patience, with Vince in particular devoting hours to researching different rums across the Caribbean, from the Dominican Republic in the North down to Trinidad in the South. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it… 

And now, they have to impatiently wait 3 years for some of their barrel aged rum to mature, hidden in a casement of a fort built in 1785, providing perfect temperature controlled ageing conditions.