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Bonus Episode: Miranda Martin & the Independent Hotel Show – Show Notes

Miranda Martin truly believes that smaller, luxury and boutique hotels are VITAL to the hospitality industry… And that’s why she does her bit to help them survive against the large, corporate hotel chains. From sustainability in the ‘Conscious Bedroom’ to Trip Advisor in the ‘Dark age of Digital’… Miranda helps teach the smaller hoteliers all about the best ways to keep up to speed in the modern hospitality world… So that the independent hotel industry can continue to thrive.

Episode 36 – Mitch Tonks of Seahorse & Rockfish – Show Notes

Mitch fondly remembers going down to the fish mongers with his Grandma as a starting point in his passion for Hospitality. He is now the proud owner of Seahorse family restaurant, and 100% gluten-free Rockfish in Weymouth. It hasn’t been an easy journey, however… Learn this week how Mitch was faced MULTIPLE times with the fear of not being able to pay wages, thrown into the unforgiving nature of the city… And how he overcame it with pure dedication and love for hospitality. You’re in for a real journey.

Episode 37 Mitch Tonks
Award winning chef, author & TV

This week you meet a champion of the sea and of preparing seafood simply and sustainably. Whether you’ve got one of his cookery books, visited his award-winning Seahorse and Rockfish restaurants or watched him on TV with world class rugby player Matt Dawson, you’ll know that Mitch Tonks is one of the country’s most fervent ambassadors for fish   

You’ll hear just how fervent, when he talks about the planetary benefits of freezing fish; whether prawns should be on or off the menu and what he’s doing to make sure that the rubbish his trawlerman collects from the sea isn’t dumped straight back into the ocean.  

He’s also great on the difference between real hospitality and the stage set version and why the willingness to chat is a must if you want to become a restaurant owner. 

I thoroughly enjoying spending time with Mitch, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy this weeks conversation.

Episode 36 Jane and Dave
Mum and Dad’s Kitchen

A cheeky little mid week bonus episode this week from the lovely Jane and Dave who left the NHS and the MET Police to show hospitality makes a great choice of career change…

So, have you heard the one about the nurse, the police officer and the award-winning pies? You’re about to. 

Dave and Jane’s journey to what they now call ‘Pie Land’ was not conventional. It began when they bought a convenience store in Worcester, thinking it would be a nice retirement project after busy careers in the Met and NHS.  But with 600 customers a day, and a hungry demand for Dave’s pork rolls and Jane’s chocolate Tiffin, retirement was put on hold.  And a good thing too, because without that foundation, Hampshire would not be enjoying what is a growing selection of delicious pies – from steak and kidney to gluten-free  egg, bacon and chorizo, which earned the couple the accolade of  ‘Supreme Champion’ in the 2019 Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition. 

Not bad for an operation that began, and has stayed, in the cellar of their home in South Sea.   And that’s where I join them, at the end of a busy week producing 1000 pies….   

Episode 35 – Andrew Stephen of the Sustainable Restaurant Association – Show Notes

The SRA is an organisation born from Andrew’s pure love of looking after the world that started on his amazing trips to South Africa with his parents. We all try and do our bit to look after the planet in the time it needs us most – but Andrew takes it a step further by spreading his knowledge and drive into perhaps one of the most fundamental parts of our lives… Food and drink. In this episode, delve deeper into why the choices we make every single day affect the world around us, learn what on earth biodiversity is and why it is so important… and why soy milk might not be the amazing alternative to dairy as you may have first thought…