Episode 33 – Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees

Cheffing since 16 and moving out of home, Michael Bremner has worked in his hometown in Scotland, London, Australia and Canada until eventually returning to the place he fell in love with… Brighton. His passion and love for cooking is truly inspiring – he even describes it as his ‘happy place.’ He smashed Great British Menu not once, but twice – and is full of industry knowledge vital to any of those looking to get into the industry. A story full of emotion & laughs, Michael (though too humble to say) changed the Brighton food scene forever.

Episode 33 Michael Bremner
BBC Great British menu winner

Getting to chat to Michael was awesome, like meeting my brother from another mother.  But he has a way cooler accent!  I share Michael’s views on a great deal of issues around hospitality…not least his thoughts around reviews, tripadvisor and the like.  This really was an utterly delightful conversation.

You may already know Michael from the BBC’s Great British Menu programme.  In 2016 he did pretty well, getting to the finals. A year later, he went one better, winning the entire competition and the chance to prepare a banquet for Wimbledon Tennis Club. 

Actually, Michael Bremner wasn’t a stranger to preparing great food under the watchful gaze of the people just about to eat it. When he opened his first restaurant, 64 Degrees, in Brighton in 2013, he designed the restaurant so diners were just an arm’s stretch away from the chefs. They could see the dishes coming together right in front of them. (The same early design also forgot about a bar: you’ll hear how that turned out later!) 

In the next hour you’ll also discover how avoiding food envy has shaped Michael’s award-winning menu…and how he and his partner Carla (who gets legendary status in this edition) had the wherewithal to open a second, very different restaurant only months after his marathon at Great British Menu. 

Episode 32 – Tom Foot of Open Air Dairy

When it comes to farming – it’s hard to find someone who loves happy cows as much as Tom Foot. Tom has spent his whole life on farms, and that made him the perfect person to become a true innovator in the dairy farming industry. His 800 cows really are raised & milked in the open air, and they even get to go on a Christmas holiday every year… This week we chat about animal management, welfare and sustainability – as well the difference in intensive, indoor, robot milking and being in the open air.

Episode 32 Tom Foot
Co Founder of the Open Air Dairy

In this episode we’re going to learn alot about dairy farming, milk and happy cows.  Grab a notebook, there is a lot to learn!

Tom Foot and Neil Grigg are too humble to say this, but in building up their Open Air Dairy, they’ve become true pioneers in their industry. What they do is awesome.  Cows that live 13 years instead of 3 in intensive farming, less antibiotics, happier cows, happier humans, happier fields, awesome milk and cheese…what they’ve achieved is exciting for the future of farming.

Like many tenant farmers, they didn’t have hundreds of thousands of pounds to build conventional sheds and indoor milking systems.  So when a fantastic farm came their way, they had to think outside the box. Or as one observer put it, they took the box, ripped it up completely and threw it away! 

Inspired by a farmer in the 1920s, they’ve transformed second-hand trailers and bails into mobile milking parlours. Instead of herding their cattle to a shed every day, they take the sheds direct to the cows. Everything really is done in the open air, all year round! 

What started as a cost-saving exercise – and the figures will astound you – has thrown up so many more benefits: great tasting milk; family-friendly working hours and super-relaxed cattle. I should know. A few of them enjoyed rubbing themselves against me as I recorded this conversation with Tom.   

Enjoy my nervousness as I work out whether they are bulls or heffers.

Episode 31 – Kirsty Loveday of Love Drinks

Starting off washing pots and knocking on doors – Kirsty’s first memories of Hospitality weren’t entirely positive… But she found a real love for sales. Over the years, she’s moved from being a brand ambassador for a big company to starting her own business supporting craft beverages, reigniting her biggest priority: sticking to her values. An amazing story in which Kirsty has not only become a successful business woman (and visionary entrepreneur!) – but now shares her learnt knowledge of when to step down and take some time for SELF LOVE in the crazy hospitality world.