Episode Seven
Jimmy Cregan – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Find out why looking at a builder’s backside was the catalyst that led to Jimmy’s version of iced coffee, now stocked in pretty much every UK supermarket… and with its sights set much further afield, including Ireland, Sweden and Dubai.  

Hear the crazy things Jimmy does to spread the word about his drink, including talking to audiences of 300, dressed as a carton… and orchestrating what’s known as a ‘massive activation’ at a mainline railway station. (Sounds like a security alert, but actually it’s a neat way to promote your products). 

Find out how he felt about stepping away from the role of MD, and handing it over to someone who hadn’t seen his company grow up…

Find out more https://www.jimmysicedcoffee.com

Episode Six
Helen Browning – Soil Association

This week I talk to Helen Browning, OBE: Chief Executive of the Soil
Association, visionary organic farmer and, with her partner Tim, owner of The Royal Oak and Chop House, two places where the menu really does reflect what is available right now. This includes courgettes cooked deliciously in five different ways when there is a glut on! 

Get ready for an uplifting, thought-provoking conversation which explores
many things including:

Helen’s own journey, from catching rats in the family’s dairies to earn pocket money, to taking over the farm in the mid 80s and finding herself ahead of the curve, not only in how she farmed but also how she sold her organic produce.

As you’ll learn, being ahead of the curve is not always an easy place to be…
We also try to put the world to rights, so we can solve the problem of feeding 10 billion humans and keeping the planet intact. That could mean we see lots of walnut, almond and fruit trees growing amongst our cereal crops in the future. Intrigued? Come and join the conversation …


Episode Five
Andy Lennox – Zim Braai

Andy Lennox started his career as a ‘KP’, a kitchen porter, peeling potatoes.  When he was  21, he teamed up with two friends to create Koh Thai, a restaurant in Dorset, offering authentic Thai cooking with a South of France style of service.  As Andy put it, they ‘knew nothing and learned on the trot’ –  only realising  6 months in that they needed tills, rather than paper to relay orders to the kitchen and the bar.

Soon the pace picked up to a gallop, as the Koh Thai concept took off and 11 more Kohs opened in Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset… It was great, but there were growing pains, as you’ll discover – like the fact that a deal is never sealed until the signature’s on the dotted line…

10 years on, Andy is onto his next concept, ‘Zim Braai’: the earthy, smokey slow cooked oxtail and wild boar potjies…bunny chows, curries in a bun…and ‘braais’ – barbeques that bring people together.Find out more here https://www.zim-braai.co.uk

Episode Four
Rupert Holloway – Conker Gin

Rupert Holloway, founder of Conker Gin was a successful (and miserable) chartered surveyor who wanted to change direction, dramatically. Luckily he had Emily, his understanding girlfriend, now wife. Find out how a series of weird texts helped to create an enticing brand for their gin, which is now served at Marco Pierre White’s establishments, among many other places!  Check out more at https://www.conkerspirit.co.uk

Episode Three
Joel Lovett – Bad Hand Coffee

In this episode we chat to Joel Lovett from Bad Hand coffee roasters in Bournemouth, Dorset. Hear how Joel spent three solid months ripping out skip-load after skip-load of junk, to convert an abandoned stable/brothel/crack den into his perfect coffee home.

He also touches on plant-powered diets, the benefits of delivering everything by bike and the real difference between a coffee that costs £2.40 and one that’s £3.00. And there’s a morality tale on what happens when you pick the wrong word for your business name. Let’s just say ‘roast’ can be confusing… https://www.badhandcoffee.com

Episode Two
David Sax – Maison Sax

David Sax left his safe career in finance to invest in his first venture, The Cow. It was an overnight success, later winning the highest pub accolade (think Oscar/Olympic Gold Medal rolled into one), National Pub of the Year.  Then he had the likes of Guy Ritchie, Madonna and Jeremy Clarkson as his customers, when he took over another amazing pub, The Museum Inn.

Eventually David had to sell both, because up-to-18-hour days were taking their toll on his bank balance and his family.  So why, oh why, is he coming back after a six-year break? Creating a café-bar-bistro hybrid, open from early morning to late at night? (More 18 hour days??) David says he might have a screw loose. You decide when you hear the rollercoaster story behind his latest venture Maison Sax…

Episode One
Steve Farrell – Eight Arch

In this episode we chat to Steve Farrell from Eight arch brewery in Wimborne, Dorset.  We talk a little about the beer making process but more about about big brands, small brands and how Steve went from terrible home-brew all the way to his award winning beers available across the County and Country.  Enjoy the conversation.

Humans of Hospitality Trailer

In this trailer Mark Cribb, your host, introduces the concept of Humans of Hospitality, why he’s set it up, a few sample clips from guests, what he’s hoping to achieve from these conversations and even why a pineapple is in the logo.  It’s a great place to start before diving into an episode.