The honey bee

Show Notes: Episode 63 – Mark Rogers & Twinways / Filbert

There’s a certain buzz surrounding this episode and how much Mark Rogers has to teach us about one of natures most complex, accurate and amazing systems… The bee hive. Bees not only cosy up in their hive to survive during the winter, they are also vital to the eco-system of our plant… Each day they help Mark produce better fruit in his orchard, and aid him in providing him (and us!) with delicious raw honey that’s very different to the stuff we see in supermarkets. This just scratches the surface in what this episode with Mark Rogers of Twinways Orchard and Filberts of Dorset.

Show Notes: Episode 62 – Sue Quinn Food Journalist and Writer

Sue Quinn is trained in cheese and wine, and even gets to judge the Academy of Chocolate awards – what could be better than that? Getting to write about it, that’s what. As Sue explains, she is always learning more about food every day despite her expert knowledge in the area. This week she offers us some of her knowledge into the food industry – including the process of making the chocolate bar, and what it means to write a recipe book.

Show Notes: Episode 61 – Andrew Stembridge & Iconic Luxury Hotels

Andrew Stembridge doesn’t believe in panic. His years in Scotland at a time that was arguably the worst for hospitality means that he is no stranger to disaster – and he learnt about 15 years worth of hotel knowledge in just two. Now Andrew has taken all that knowledge into his role as Executive Director at Iconic Luxury Hotels which includes award-winning, produce growing, hospitality LOVING tree house heaven: Chewton Glen.

Show Notes: Episode 60 – James Cochran & 12:51

James Cochran is cool, calm and passionate about cooking in a way that honours his roots and allows his parents legacy to live on. Starting in the kitchen at just 12 years old, James enjoyed the long hours and graft that came with his job back in the day… Going on to wine the Great British Menu and open his own restaurant in London certainly made his old mentors very proud… His aim now is to get himself a cooking show that offers an alternative perspective, and maybe in ten years or so to open a small restaurant in his beloved home town of Whitstable.

Show Notes: Episode 59 – John Rensten, Forage London

John Rensten doesn’t describe himself as an expert in foraging, he’s not a chef, or even particularly academic in the way he works. But what John is, is something that is vital to those who work in food and hospitality: outstandingly passionate. Johns knowledge of foraging foods is amazing, and always growing, as he becomes more interested not just in the variations of what can be foraged – but how it grows. In this weeks episode, he names at least four ways you can use the common dandelion.