Episode 21 – Alex Aitken & The Jetty

Starting off his early life on the trawler – pulling in fish and avoiding bumping into TNT-filled mines before moving into waiting at the age of 17, Alex Aitken has worked in all areas of hospitality. A self-taught chef who has never worked in anyone kitchen except his own tells the story of how he achieved Michelin stars and kept up with the everchanging industry.

Episode 20 – Joy Michaud and Sea Spring Seeds

After studying grasslands and moving to the USA for a while – Joy came back to the UK to start growing her very own produce. The famous Dorset Naga chilli was grown on her land, in a cold little town in Dorset much to everyone surprise. Now she not only sells the Dorset Naga seeds but produces lots of chilli and vegetable varieties – including her 8-feet tall chilli plant Nigel.

Episode 19 – William Curley

William was already a cooking legend in his 20s. He’s seen the chocolate & patisserie industry grow and develop, seen the reputation for food made in the UK change – and won countless awards for his work. Learn all about William’s journey and get your tastebuds tingling at the thought of chocolate in this weeks episode.