Episode 36 – Mitch Tonks of Seahorse & Rockfish – Show Notes

Mitch fondly remembers going down to the fish mongers with his Grandma as a starting point in his passion for Hospitality. He is now the proud owner of Seahorse family restaurant, and 100% gluten-free Rockfish in Weymouth. It hasn’t been an easy journey, however… Learn this week how Mitch was faced MULTIPLE times with the fear of not being able to pay wages, thrown into the unforgiving nature of the city… And how he overcame it with pure dedication and love for hospitality. You’re in for a real journey.

Episode 35 – Andrew Stephen of the Sustainable Restaurant Association – Show Notes

The SRA is an organisation born from Andrew’s pure love of looking after the world that started on his amazing trips to South Africa with his parents. We all try and do our bit to look after the planet in the time it needs us most – but Andrew takes it a step further by spreading his knowledge and drive into perhaps one of the most fundamental parts of our lives… Food and drink. In this episode, delve deeper into why the choices we make every single day affect the world around us, learn what on earth biodiversity is and why it is so important… and why soy milk might not be the amazing alternative to dairy as you may have first thought…

Episode 34 – Dhara Thompson of Sail Cargo & Dan Huss – Show Notes

The Sail Boat Project was born from a pure drive to make the world a better place. What Dhara has built is truly amazing, and it all started when he fell in love with sailing and watersports in the Western Isles of Scotland. He lived on a narrowboat for 12 years, and truly experienced how the sea can heal other humans as you will hear… The Sail Boat project has now developed into a massive project of trying to change the way cargo moves around the world for good. If you don’t believe me when I say it’s amazing, Dan Huss (a Sail Cargo customer) tunes in later on to back me up, and we all chat a bit about food, wine & the future of cargo.

Episode 33 – Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees – Show Notes

Cheffing since 16 and moving out of home, Michael Bremner has worked in his hometown in Scotland, London, Australia and Canada until eventually returning to the place he fell in love with… Brighton. His passion and love for cooking is truly inspiring – he even describes it as his ‘happy place.’ He smashed Great British Menu not once, but twice – and is full of industry knowledge vital to any of those looking to get into the industry. A story full of emotion & laughs, Michael (though too humble to say) changed the Brighton food scene forever.

Episode 32 – Tom Foot of Open Air Dairy – Show Notes

When it comes to farming – it’s hard to find someone who loves happy cows as much as Tom Foot. Tom has spent his whole life on farms, and that made him the perfect person to become a true innovator in the dairy farming industry. His 800 cows really are raised & milked in the open air, and they even get to go on a Christmas holiday every year… This week we chat about animal management, welfare and sustainability – as well the difference in intensive, indoor, robot milking and being in the open air.