Episode 33 – Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees

Cheffing since 16 and moving out of home, Michael Bremner has worked in his hometown in Scotland, London, Australia and Canada until eventually returning to the place he fell in love with… Brighton. His passion and love for cooking is truly inspiring – he even describes it as his ‘happy place.’ He smashed Great British Menu not once, but twice – and is full of industry knowledge vital to any of those looking to get into the industry. A story full of emotion & laughs, Michael (though too humble to say) changed the Brighton food scene forever.

Episode 32 – Tom Foot of Open Air Dairy

When it comes to farming – it’s hard to find someone who loves happy cows as much as Tom Foot. Tom has spent his whole life on farms, and that made him the perfect person to become a true innovator in the dairy farming industry. His 800 cows really are raised & milked in the open air, and they even get to go on a Christmas holiday every year… This week we chat about animal management, welfare and sustainability – as well the difference in intensive, indoor, robot milking and being in the open air.

Episode 31 – Kirsty Loveday of Love Drinks

Starting off washing pots and knocking on doors – Kirsty’s first memories of Hospitality weren’t entirely positive… But she found a real love for sales. Over the years, she’s moved from being a brand ambassador for a big company to starting her own business supporting craft beverages, reigniting her biggest priority: sticking to her values. An amazing story in which Kirsty has not only become a successful business woman (and visionary entrepreneur!) – but now shares her learnt knowledge of when to step down and take some time for SELF LOVE in the crazy hospitality world.

Episode 30 – Arthur Voelcker & Hugo Hardman of Chalkstream

No fishy business here, just fish AND business. Arthur Voelcker is a lover of fishing, and Hugo has built up years of experience opening and running businesses. Together, they’ve created a hugely successful artisan fish farm – changing the perception of tiny trout forever. In this weeks episode, there’s a lot of science, sustainability and cooking talk to get your teeth into.

Episode 29 – James Golding of The Pig

James Golding was passionate about cooking right from the start. Securing an apprenticeship and leaving home at the age of just 16, James climbed the cheffing ladder all the way up to the very top… Now owning an award winning, truly beautiful group of hotels and restaurants. No cheating, no luck – just pure passion that is reflected in all of The Pig venues that James plans to keep on living for generations to come. Learn a whole bunch more about how The Pig and it’s inspiring group chef director came to be in this weeks episode.