Episode 29 – James Golding of The Pig

James Golding was passionate about cooking right from the start. Securing an apprenticeship and leaving home at the age of just 16, James climbed the cheffing ladder all the way up to the very top… Now owning an award winning, truly beautiful group of hotels and restaurants. No cheating, no luck – just pure passion that is reflected in all of The Pig venues that James plans to keep on living for generations to come. Learn a whole bunch more about how The Pig and it’s inspiring group chef director came to be in this weeks episode.

Episode 28 – Simon Tolson of Rumsey

Simon Tolson is a fishing fanatic. An amazingly humble and successful human started his journey with the decision that books weren’t really for him – but boats REALLY were. Jumping from boat to business and back again, Simon is now passionate about his holiday home agency – Rumsey. In this weeks episode, he explains how buying Rumsey felt just as good as the first time he’d stepped onto a boat many years ago – and teaches us a little bit about how on earth you manage other peoples properties.

Episode 27 – Mark Hix of HIX Restaurants

Starting as a local boy on a fishing boat in Dorset, becoming a head chef at the age of just 22 years old and circling to London and back opening restaurants… Mark Hix is a true hospitality legend who has indulged himself in all areas of food, despite only going to catering college as it was ‘his only option’. With age, Mark has become more interested in the origin of food, veganism and of course – fishing… Absorb some of his awesome knowledge in this weeks episode.

Episode 26 – Pete Joy of Bakehouse24

Living in London, bored and hungry whilst your mates are at band practice might just lead you to ordering a pizza. But for Pete, it lead him to bake a cake. From 3am starts to pizza nights in Bakehouse24, Pete joy jumped straight into the baker lifestyle and now spends his time baking beautiful loaves of sourdough bread – the RIGHT way.

Episode 24 – Jason Barber, Black Cow

From chomping cheese to chinking glasses… Jason’s story is quite the revelation. Black Cow vodka is the first and ONLY vodka to be made entirely out of milk – using what otherwise would be considered a waste part of the milk. The love he has for farming and his team is admirable, and despite his vodka being distributed globally – he remains deliciously humble.