Show Notes: Episode 65 Ben Jackson & Fluffetts Eggs

We are always asking: what came first, the chicken or the egg? For Ben Jackson at Fluffetts, the chicken always comes first. Naughty hens, lazy hens and crazy hens – who knew that hens could come with their very own little personalities? This week, Ben chats to us all about how he ensures all his hens are HAPPY hens living free range in Avon Valley.

International Forest Day – 21st March

It’s international forest day – and now that the Humans of Hospitality podcast is almost at it’s 65th episode, we’ve been taught a lot about forests from some of our passionate guests that spend a lot, if not all, their time amongst the trees.

Show Notes: Episode 64 Vince Noyce, Dich Oatley & Portsmouth Distillery

Vince, Giles and Dich are the distillery dream team. Each one of them is oh-so passionate about the delicious rum they are creating down at Fort Cumberland on Portsea Island… But each one of them also is expert in a different area. Vince is the crazy creative who’s travelled the world tasting spirits in his time working for the Royal Navy where he met Giles. Giles is the business, realistic brain of the two. Dich is a master of sales, having worked for the General Wine Company before giving up his stable job to join a startup that centred around one of his great loves: rum. So, why is their rum different to the liked of supermarket own rum? We are about to find out.

The honey bee

Show Notes: Episode 63 – Mark Rogers & Twinways / Filbert

There’s a certain buzz surrounding this episode and how much Mark Rogers has to teach us about one of natures most complex, accurate and amazing systems… The bee hive. Bees not only cosy up in their hive to survive during the winter, they are also vital to the eco-system of our plant… Each day they help Mark produce better fruit in his orchard, and aid him in providing him (and us!) with delicious raw honey that’s very different to the stuff we see in supermarkets. This just scratches the surface in what this episode with Mark Rogers of Twinways Orchard and Filberts of Dorset.