Episode 44 – Matt Grech-Smith of Swingers Crazy Gold

This weeks episode is a hole in one… Matt Grech-Smith had a successful career even in University. True entrepreneur spirit shines through in this episode, as he describes it… “Throwing yourself off a cliff and learning how to swim on the way down”. Matt and his business partner Jeremy are now successful founders of Swingers Crazy Golf – mastering the art of ‘Competitive Socialising’ as he describes it.

Episode 43 – Jennifer Wood & Canton Tea

It began with a beautiful cup of tea… Worth $3,000 dollars a kilo. Jennifer Wood is truly a connoisseur of cuppas. She teaches us this week how the bog-standard English Breakfast tea is not only one of the most boring cuppas, but how it didn’t actually originate in England! You’ll also learn this week the science behind a good cup of tea… did you know that you shouldn’t actually put boiling water straight onto the leaves, but perhaps put a few ice cubes in first? Me neither.

Episode 41 – Steven Lamb & River Cottage

If you’re looking to learn something today, you’re in luck. Steven Lamb refers to himself as a “careers teacher’s nightmare”, as he jumped around jobs looking for his passion. Then, he found it at River Cottage. Food, drink and hospitality flow through the veins of Steven Lamb – and his extensive knowledge about all areas of his industry is outstanding. From chatting about the additives that are injected into shop-bought standard bacon, making your own cheese from one pot of yogurt to discussing just what the the government should be doing to ensure as humans we are doing the best for our bodies, animals and the planet… This weeks conversation is a journey in more ways than one.

Episode 40 – Jethro Tennant & Dorset Sea Salt

It all started at boredom… Jethro was reading about the history of Portland when he ‘stumbled across’ an article about the old sea salt production and how Dorset used to produce it all around the Jurassic Coast. Years, and multiple jerry cans full of sea water later, Jehtro has successfully put Portland back on the map as being the source of one of the yummiest sea salt producers in the world.

Episode 39 – Alex Kammerling of Kamm & Sons

Bartenders, rather than blondes, have the most fun is something you’ll learn in this weeks episode. Alex Kammerling is not only extremely creative – but persistent. Experimenting for five years with around 100 ingredients to find the perfect balance of taste, health benefit and nostalgia that Kamm & Sons British Aperitif brings… And Alex did it all in his little flat, unfortunately for his housemate! Learn all about Alex and the Kammerling sons journey below.